including education, coaching, language training and seminars.



Julie O'Donohue
Knowledge Services Group Leader

Corporate Contributing Members
Exupery International School
Julie O'Donohue, +371 28 123 978.
Primary & Middle School, IT & Science Summer School, Council of International Schools (CIS) member 
Corporate Members
Technical Partners
Ed Kalvins, +371 29 255 223
Project management coaching


Riga Business School: 
Jānis Grēviņš, +371 29 449 638
MBA programs accredited for North America and Europe, English language programs, GMAT exams
International School of Riga
Craig Williamson, +371 27 026 536
Learning focused education in English to students aged 2-18. Internationally accredited by the Council of International Schools and locally by the Latvian Ministry of Education.
Baiba Krūmiņa, +371 29 118 833
Mindfulness training
Individual Members


Abens Konsultants
Aija Abens, +371 26 383 060
English language translation and training. Riga tours.

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