Production & Agriculture


 including fruits, juices, food products, health products, packaging materials, logistics


Artis Lielbardis
Production & Agriculture Group Leader,
Chairman of LPKS Rujienas Oga, 


Corporate Members


Oskars Stankēvičs, +371 25 544 855
Individual, non-standard artificial stone surfaces for kitchens, bathrooms, medical institutions, schools, hotels, catering establishments, barber shops and other public places. 

Māris Ozols, +371 26 449 919
Low density polyethylene foam for construction and packaging: Rolls (foam rolls, air bubble rolls, laminated rolls), Foam products (sheets, bags, profiles etc.), materials for concrete works (concrete underlay, compensating tapes), floor underlays, reflective thermal insulation,

Business Members


Latvian Shipping Hawks
Gunvaldis Ezermanis, +371 26 699 666
Logistics / Freight Forwarding (specialty - military cargo, large loads), removal services for army personnel and diplomats, SHARKCAGE. Modular power generation units, HVAC, fuel supply and maintenance services.
Gosselin Mobility Baltics
Inna Kotlikova, +371 25 718 171
Domestic and international moving of households and offices. Pet, car and motor cycle moving. Storage. Settling-in (home & school search), departure (termination), visa & Immigration services.


LPKS Rūjienas oga
Artis Lielbardis, +371 29 600 462
Agricultural Services Co-operative Society: Ensures production planning and adaptation to demand, promotes concentration of supply and introducing products into the market, helps reduce production costs and stabilizes producer prices, and promotes the use of good manufacturing practices.  


Print eXpress
Ilze Dērupa, +371 26 313 080
Printing and packaging material production.,


Riga Decorative Painting Workshop 
Arvīds Plokšta, +371 29 233 376 
Decorative Painting, Furniture Restoration


Marianna Senkane, +371 29 464 007
Confectionery: waffles, halva, frozen cakes, biscuits, marmalade, marshmallow in chocolate, candy covered peanuts, toffee
VestaFume TLG
Inga Siliņa, +371 29 349 874
Biological farming of berries (black currant, sea buckthorn), sale of frozen and fresh berries, production of organic juices, raw fruit and berry candies (fruit bars), black currant leaf tea.


Iglu soft play
Māris Ozols, +371 26 449 919
Soft play blocks for children, different foam shapes, construction and activities sets, rocking toys, ball pits, mattresses, and other custom products.
Armands Dīriņš, +371 29 235 962
Automated fire detection at early stage, video surveillance / geographic information, control over fire-fighting resources & equipment, reporting.

Individual Members
Jan Welitz, +371 26 133 355
Printed promotional, industrial and retail items, prime quality bags, packing materials, visual magnetics.
Līga Logina, +371 23 118 289
ISO 9000 specialist
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