Sales Organizations or Representatives
Technical Partners
Ed Kalvins, +371 29 255 223,
Energy from waste cogeneration, food and pharmaceutical, sterilizers, cleanrooms, water management (in-line water analysis, treatment, purification, filter media, liquid & gas processing) odor control, sawmill equipment.
Jan Welitz, +371 26 133 355,
Printed promotional, industrial and retail items, prime quality bags, packing materials, visual magnetics.
Daiga Štendenberga, +371 20 390 825,
Ground screws for providing foundations which replace concrete foundations. Services include application design and installation. Turn-key design and construction involving ground screws available.,
Ivars Keviesens, +371 26 498 000,
Seeding, planting and tillage equipment
Dace Ernstsone, +371 25728722, 
Office, School and Health solutions. Furniture.
Marsela Boka, +371 66 103 078,
Medical goods, Laboratory equipment, Reagents and Accessories.


Ainars Jekabsons, OL-03,
Hockey Equipment Sales

CanCham’s Senior Corporate Members