Medical Tourism, Healthcare & Pharma


 Medical Tourism Medical goods, Laboratory equipment, Reagents and Accessories.  


Innovative health care products, food supplements and medical devices,  Cardiovascular health products Occupational health and safety services. Audits Vision correction, diagnostics and treatment, corneal transplantation, plastic surgery of eyelids,   
Crowns and Veneers,
Implants and Surgery
 Family doctor's private practice   


 Herpes Treatment - Personal Laser treatmentMedical services, medical tourism, business development and marketing   


Low temperature steam sterilizer providing infectious waste solutions for dealing with hospital/clinical waste, airline/ship waste and liquid waste.
Regulatory & Compliance, Equipment Qualification & Process Validation, QA Services for Pharma, Biotech and Cosmetic Industries. 
Custom environmental and cleanrooms, air conditioning, heating, refrigeration, control systems.
Odor Control Systems