Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Latvia
An Introduction to Links to Online Corporate Contact and Publicity Information

Table of Contents
1     Introduction
2     Canadian Chamber of Commerce Website
2.1     CanCham Events
2.2     CanCham News
2.3     CanCham Basic information
2.4     CanCham’s Team
2.5     CanCham Introduction
2.6     Cancham Members
2.7     Cancham Groups
2.8     CanCham Sell Sheets
2.9     CanCham’s Destination Management Coordination (DMC) System
2.10    Input Section
2.11    For members
3     Facebook
3.1     Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Latvia
3.2     “CanCham Members and Good Friends”
1        Introduction
It is important to note that at CanCham we are here to try to provide opportunities for networking, encouraging international trade and business partners to collaborate on specific and mutually beneficial projects.
It is important that all members take as much advantage of the CanCham facilities and services made available although some of this is dependent on up-to-date and accurate contact information. It is also considered that CanCham members will benefit from publicity and promotion based on materials and information provided directly from our members.
This material is primarily intended as guide to sections of the CanCham website and related CanCham social media websites where members can advertise and promote their business. In all cases CanCham needs members to provide up to date contact, trading and service information in order that business benefits can be realised.
2        Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Latvia Website 
This section looks at the CanCham website pages which require up to date and correct information from members for the benefit of members and those visiting this site.
2.1     CanCham Events
  • planned events,
  • past events,
  • “reports” or summaries of past events.
2.2      CanCham News
 Follow the latest information about events, members and happenings.
2.3     CanCham Basic information
  • Contact Information
  • How to join, fees and benefits
  • CanCham’s objectives
  • Statutes
  • What the CanCham does for its members
  • About CanCham in Latvian
  • Strategy
  • Programs
  • The Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA)
  • Privacy and Personal Data Policy
  • Download Presentations from CanCham Events
  • Information for Canadians
2.4     CanCham’s Team
  • Board Members
  • Audit Committee members
  • Group leaders
2.5     CanCham Introduction
 A brief welcoming message from the Chairman.
2.6     Cancham Members
This provides a list of all the members classified by:
  • Honorary Member
  • Corporate Contributing Members
  • Senior Corporate Members
  • Corporate Members
  • Business Members
  • Individual Members
  • Associate Members
In each classification, members in good standing are listed in seniority order, that is, the member who joined first appears above the others. Members who delay payments of their membership fees lose their seniority and drop in the listing.
Please make sure your organisation’s contact details are accurate and up to date and the short description of your business activities are correct and as required in the group that it appears.
Also includes:
  • How to join, fees and benefits
  • New members
  • Canadians in the Baltics
  • Presentations from past events
2.7     Cancham Groups
All CanCham members are assigned to a ‘group’ which describes a logical and applicable industry sector or group of industry sectors for that member’s business. Some members can be assigned to more than one CanCham GROUP.
The Cancham GROUPS are:

 Please make sure you have been assigned to at least one ‘appropriate’ CanCham GROUP.

2.8     CanCham Sell Sheets

Sell sheets are designed to provide a detailed profile of your business, the main contact person, its key activities and any special features or services which are available.

The links to individual sell sheets are often sent by members to those who may be interested in your particular products or services. 
To submit sell sheet information, fill out the “Sell Sheet Form” at the bottom of the listing page. Once you have downloaded and completed the ‘Sell Sheet Form’ you should attach it to an email and send it to The details will then be loaded onto the website page soon after receipt of the email.
2.9     CanCham’s Destination Management Coordination (DMC) System
The ‘DMC’ system promotes market entry, business opportunity or sales development in geographic regions unfamiliar to a client. This pertains to Latvians seeking business opportunities in Canada, and Canadian seeking opportunities in Latvia or the surrounding region.
Destination Management Coordinators have been appointed by the CanCham Board to facilitate international cooperation. 
Information in this section includes:
  • Policy and Procedure
  • How CanCham’s DMC System Works
  • A case study
2.10   Input Section
This section is to determine what CanCham members and those interested in cooperating with the CanCham wish to accomplish. We encourage this to be filled out.
This section includes
  • information for members about Annual General Meetings,
  • minutes of Board meetings
3        Facebook
The CanCham currently uses Facebook (FB) as one of it’s main social network communication tools. This includes:
  • the main Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Latvia page (public access)
  • The “CanCham Members and Good Friends” (a closed group accessed by invitation or with approval only) – see below how to access
3.1     Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Latvia
  • event notifications,
  • “reports” or summaries of past events and galleries,
  • information and notices relevant to Canadians,
  • posts / advertisements from Corporate members,
  • information shared from the Canadian Embassy in Latvia or Latvian Embassy in Canada
  • CanCham advertisement collages,
  • notices from the Board or Group Leaders
3.2     “CanCham Members and Good Friends”
  • posts from members - all members are welcome to post messages and advertisements themselves, and we encourage members to do so. Note: this does not apply to those who are not CanCham members in good standing.
  • CanCham advertisement collages,
  • event notifications.
  • “reports” or summaries of past events and galleries.
To access the CanCham Facebook Group you can either
  • use the group search facility from your own account within Facebook or
  • access it from the CanCham FB website (the Facebook icon can be selected from the top right hand side of most CanCham website pages).
If you would like full member access to the CanCham Facebook Group, you can also send an email request to
Once a registered member on the Facebook “CanCham Members and Good Friends” site you will then find you have access to the ‘Discussion’ and ‘Media’ menu items. Under ‘Discussion’ there are a number of ‘promotional’ discussion threads that contain pictures and associated narratives describing the nature of each business. These can be found by scrolling down.
The Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Latvia (CanCham Latvia) LinkedIn site targets professionals and the business community.
  • event notifications,
  • member notices and advertisements,
  • CanCham group advertisement collages
Find as “@canchamlatvia”
  • selected pictures from CanCham events,
  • invitations to events,
  • greetings
Find as CanCham Latvia (@CanChamLV)
  • information about events,
  • re-tweets from the Canadian Embassy in Latvia or Latvian Embassy in Canada
  • member notices

 Upcoming events
Wednesday, April 17th, 2024 at 17.30  "Blackberry"
Monday, April 22nd, 2024 at 18.30
CanCham Board & Audit Committee Meeting
Wednesday, May 8, 2024 at 8.30 – Business networking breakfast

Monday, May 13th, 2024 at 18.30 - CanCham Restart Reception

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