The Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Latvia (CanCham) is looking for Companies and Entrepreneurs who wish to develop or help develop business opportunities between Canada and Latvia, and Northern Europe, the EU, Central Asia, Ukraine, Belarus, India and Taiwan with the assistance of CanCham members located in Riga, Latvia by becoming our International Partners.   

We hope that the International Partners will:

  • profit financially by promoting their own businesses and services,
  • help establish an active network of entrepreneurs in their region to work with those in our region for the economic benefit of all,
  • use the services of CanCham members to facilitate their activity. 

We also invite our International Partners to become Destination Management Coordinators (DMCís) by helping our members develop strategic partnerships in their regions and within their area of expertise. For information about CanChamís DMC initiative, please see

For further information, please write to Ed Kalvins at

To join as a member, use the following link:

If you are interested in working with us, please fill out the information in the table below:  

Member: Yes

Name/Company, Address:
Contact Name:
Phone nr.
Web site
I am willing to work with the CanCham to develop business opportunities: Yes

I wish to use Latvia as a base from which to develop business opportunities with the EU, Central Asia, Belarus, Ukraine. India or Taiwan Yes

I am interested in becoming a Destination Management Coordinator (DMC) Yes

I wish to export products: Yes

I wish to export equipment: Yes

I wish to provide my services to Latvia: Yes

I wish to secure expert/professional services from Latvia: Yes

I wish to be a sales representative for Latvian products: Yes

I am interested in investing: Yes

I am looking for a strategic partner for business development: Yes

I am looking for new technologies and methods: Yes

I want to purchase equipment: Yes

I am interested in opening sales outlets in Latvia: Yes

I am interested in setting up a production facility in Latvia: Yes

I wish to promote tourism: Yes

I am interested in medical tourism: Yes

Other: Yes

Notes / Comments: