Dear CanCham Members and Friends,

We expect the CanCham to be restarted in early 2024.
Our intention is to provide a forum for Canadians, Canadian companies in Latvia and their friends to network through in-person events, and to maintain contact with the community that has been established since CanCham’s founding in 2000. We value those who have been associated with the CanCham over the years and wish to build on these past relationships by providing value-added experiences for all.

The CanCham Board had the opportunity to meet the newly appointed Canadian Senior Trade Commissioner, Nicolas Lepage, and to discuss the current status and history of the CanCham. We were encouraged by the discussions and resolved to continue discussions aimed at optimizing Embassy and CanCham cooperation. This, together with suggestions outlined in our update of August 14th (see, resulted in the adoption of a concrete game plan.

We are pleased to announce that we now have the minimum required number of candidates for the Board and Audit Committee, but wish to welcome and encourage new candidates to stand for office.

The following is the planned timeline for CanCham activities:

  • A notice of a general meeting to elect a new board and audit committee will be issued first thing in the new year so as to have this meeting on January 22nd, 2024.
  • Regular events could begin from the beginning of February, 2024.
  • In the meantime:
    • we will complete a survey of current and past members as to their views on the CanCham and their potential willingness to engage,
    • we will engage with the Embassy as to the practical aspects of CanCham / Canadian Embassy cooperation.

We look forward to a revitalized CanCham in the New Year.

Ed Kalvins,
On behalf of the CanCham Board

 Upcoming events
Sunday, June 30th,
Canada Day BBQ
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