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Hotel Management Consulting

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SCS Swieca Consulting & Support
Tanja Swieca
Kugu Street 24
LV-1048, Riga
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+371 20216744
Form of Business:        
Management Consulting and
Sales & Marketing Support
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Hotel Management

Services provided by SCS Swieca Consulting & Support from Riga, Latvia.

Management: Tanja Swieca is an educated European Hotel specialist with a 20 years of experience in international Hotel industry. She is specialized on Sales & Marketing, Social Media and operational organization. Market research, Sales activities, customer acquisition and customer care has been the base of her career in the Hotel trade. In the position of Director Business Development she was able to optimize the cooperation between different departments to ensure effectiveness, cost reduction and revenue optimization. People management and guest satisfaction are the two main pillars which accompanied her over the years and which developed and influenced her career strongly. Working with human being is something she is doing by heart without loosing focus on set targets and goals. As a CEO and General Manager she was able to put all her skills, experiences, knowledge and creativity together and be even more successful. See 

New medias are going hand in hand with classical hotel sales strategies. Customers are more and more influenced by online services which brings up a new kind of target group with completely different needs.

  1. Sales & Marketing Services: customer research, market analysis, competition analysis, rate strategies, yield management plan, set up, optimize and develop SocialMedia platforms..
  2. Operational Services: evaluating operational procedures for different departments, optimizing shifts, develop effective service schedules. 

The RESULT: Generating revenues by satisfying guests and optimizing costs!

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