Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Latvia
Show & Tell Presentation Events
Suggestions for ppt Presentation Format (15 slides / 20 seconds each) - 5 minute presentation
Note:We suggest you emphasize yourself as an individual and as a reliable and useful partner
Answer the question "Why should anyone work with you"
Please use visual materials (pictures and illustrations)
SlideProposed Content
Your name / your picture
Your profession
Company name / logo
Your location
Other locations you have experience in
2About you as an individual
Where are you from
Short CV - education / experience
Areas of expertise / specialization
Organizations you are associated with
Main companies you have worked for
3What value added benefits do you personally give your clients
Why you do what you do
What is your passion
What have you discovered during your career
What solutions or answers have you came up with that respond to these discoveries
4Your company
Date established
Short history of the brand
Specific expertise
Resources/personnel available to you
5Services or Products offered
Services or Products 
Regions serviced
Collaboration  partners
6Examples of typical projects / assignments
Project size
Who are your most recognizable clients
7Case study
What was a typical assignment
What expertise did you provide
What solution did your company provide
How did your company approach the assignment
What expertise did you have that your competitors didn't
How well did you complete the assignment
What did you struggle with during the assignment
What did you discover over the process
Why this experience is important
How this case study helped in your next projects
Did you discovered any specific niche
What direction do you want to develop
What are your strengths
How can you help next potential clients
13Your goals and objectives
What are you looking for?
Sales and other objectives
Are you interested in export, and if so, to where?
Are you interested in partnering with foreign companies?
Are you interested in helping others?
14What help could you use from others
Leads to clients
Landing contracts / clients
Expertise in completing assignments
Expanding your network
15Call to action and contact Information
Shout out
Email, phone
Social media