Explore Latvia - a trade mission / holiday visit to Latvia for 2 Ė standard package price:

A visit to Riga, Latvia

  • for a trade mission for those considering selling products or services to Latvia and Northern Europe, or importing them from this region, while providing an opportunity to explore Latvia.
  • for two people for 1 week (7 days) with services starting from the Riga international airport, 
  • A firm quotation will be provided once details established.
All services are arranged by the Trade Facilitation & Export Group of the Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Latvia headed by its Group Leader, Ilze DÁrupa (see https://cancham.lv/groups/trade-facilitation--export) in cooperation with Technical Partners (TP Riga) which provides Market Entry Support through its Representative Services program (http://tpriga.lv/other-services/representative-services).

Services provided include:

  • a meeting with the CanCham Trade Facilitation & Export team.
  • 5 meetings with local exporters or importers, logistics companies, professionals (lawyers, tax consultants, accountants, etc.) and professional organizations such as local chambers of commerce and business associations, embassies and the Latvian Investment & Development Agency representatives designed to promote the Client's business and as agreed. 
  • a social event with CanCham members or potential partners, children under 12 at no cost.
  • travel:
    • transfer from airport
    • transfer to airport
    • local transportation to meetings
  • accommodation
  • tours, entertainment
    • eight hour walking tour of Riga for two including
      • a guide
      • coffee break
      • lunch (not including alcohol)
    • Four hour car tour of Riga and Jurmala for two including
      • a driver/guide
      • lunch (not including alcohol)
    • Choice of general admission seating at theatre, opera, dinner venues, night clubs or pubs subject to availability and applicable restrictions based on client's interests and capabilities.
Note: The package price is indicative only and including all applicable taxes for the services described here-in, and is subject to confirmation based on the services agreed to between both parties, the service date, circumstances, upgrades and added features required by the client, and the need to meet Covid-19 restrictions and visa requirements. etc. A firm proposal will be issued to the client by the service provider which will be the basis for an agreement and invoicing.
For additional information, contact Ilze Derupa at ilze@printxpress.lv.
Ask your CanCham partner or DMC for your discount code for savings on package services.