Review of CanChamís Focus on Canada and the Canadian Embassy with H.E. Kevin Rex


CanChamís Focus on Canada and the Canadian Embassy with H.E. Kevin Rex, Canadian Government Ambassador to Latvia took place on Monday, May 16th at 18.30 at the Radisson Blu Elizabete Hotel.

Ambassador Rex will be completing his term in Latvia where he has presided over the Canadian NATO deployment and extensive expansion of the Canadian Embassy in Latvia and the Baltics, and, as such, this may be the last time he participates in a CanCham event though exactly when he will be leaving Latvia is not yet known, so this was not ďgood-byeĒ, but a chance to spend a pleasant evening reminiscing and reconnecting to people who have not been seen in person for quite a while.

Una BrŻna, the President of the CanCham, introduced Ambassador Rex after reminding our guests of CanChamís DMC system for trade facilitation, CanChamís Visit Latvia program designed to attract Canadians to Latvia for medical, sports, business development and trade tourism, and the upcoming ďRoad to CanadaĒ seminar on May 26th. Details can be found at

Ambassador Rex then provided an entertaining and enlightening review of his tenure in Latvia which saw the Canadian Embassy in the Baltics become the second largest Canadian embassy in Europe.

We thank the chef and staff of the Radisson Blu Elizabete Hotelís Restaurant C.U.T. for providing an enjoyable dinner in a comfortable atmosphere. Clearly, they have been able to maintain their skills throughout the brutal covid winter.
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