CanCham will organize its work using a cluster approach. Clusters are special topic/interest groups that will focus on promoting the objectives of the groups. Members of a cluster will be those who have an interest in a topic and wish to participate in the group. To participate in a cluster, one must be a CanCham member, but members may invite guests to meetings. Meetings will be held in Riga and Toronto, but accommodations will also be made for those not able to attend meetings to involve them in these activities.

There will be two main programs:

1. Partnership for Profit

2. Governance

1. Partnership for Profit

Objective: Develop business opportunities for members.

Vehicles: Meetings involving panel discussions and guest speakers and opportunities for networking taking place approximately once a month, E-Mail and SKYPE networking, CanCham Web site, Face Book.

  • Export Development – for members wishing to develop or increase export of products or services
  • Investment – for companies looking for investment capital for expansion, development projects, start-ups or innovations.
  • Water management – for companies or individuals dealing with water quality or water handling issues.
  • Energy - for companies or individuals dealing with energy issues ranging from households, agricultural communities, manufacturing plants of municipalities.
  • Personal services - for companies or individuals promoting sales of services mostly to individuals, or individuals looking for these services.
  • Personnel Development – For companies needing to develop their staff through training, coaching or recruitment.
  • Promotion and advertising – For companies providing promotion and advertising services, and those needing them.
  • Facility development – for municipalities or ports that wish to attract international clients.

FacilitatorsEd Kalvins, Henrik Mjoman and members wishing to participate in sub-groups

2. Governance

Objective: consider actions to be taken to deal with troublesome government laws, regulations and/or practices.

Participants: We expect those companies and individuals who have had “bad” experiences with the bureaucracy to share their experiences and work with the CanCham to seek solutions. We have an established method to use which will be presented to members.

Vehicles: Meetings as required, e-Mail and SKYPE networking

Facilitators: Ed Kalvins and members wishing to participate
These are new programs introduced to the CanCham. We welcome comments and suggestions from members for their improvement. Please send comments/suggestions to, and we will have a Board member contact you to discuss suggestions.